One of our partner facilities, Vets in Endeavour Hills, have attached cat boarding facilities which will keep your cat safe and well cared for whilst you’re out of town.

These cat boarding facilities are staffed by a passionate and experienced team of cat lovers who will ensure your cat enjoys their holiday away from home and will tend to the unique needs of your animal.

Cat boarding features

  • A bright, clean, warm and safe environment
  • Cat condos that are designed for ultimate cat comfort and space
  • A soft cosy bed for your cat to sleep in, a large litter tray, a scratching post and fresh food and water
  • Daily exercise, play time and brushing.
  • Regular updates on how your cat’s holiday sent via email or SMS

The staff at Vets in Endeavour Hills are happy for you to bring in favourite toys or bedding. Just remember to name everything so it doesn’t get lost.

Cat Vaccination Certificate requirements

All cat guests need to have up to date F3 or F4 and enteritis vaccination certificates which you will need to bring along when your cat checks in. Cats with out of date vaccinations will be vaccinated, flea treated and wormed upon admission.

Medical care

As the Vets in Endeavour Hills cat boarding facilities are connected to a fully equipped veterinary clinic, they can immediately provide your pet with state of the art medical care should they need it at any point during their stay. The cat boarding staff are also well versed in caring for cats with special needs, so all you need to do is provide them with a rundown of your cat’s health upon admission and they will take care of the rest.


The Vets in Endeavour Hills cat boarding facilities are incredibly popular with cat owners in the Cranbourne area and surrounds, so we recommend you book well in advance of your trip to ensure your cat has a place. During the Easter and Christmas holiday periods, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

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