We know that a fast, accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment are key to achieving the best possible health outcome for your pet and that’s why we have such an extensive range of onsite diagnostic and treatment facilities. In addition to what our in-house staff can offer, we have partnered with specialists across various veterinary disciplines to ensure the best person for the job is always caring for your pet. We are connected with specialist surgeons, ultrasonographers, radiologists and oncologists who have the specialised skills and experience necessary to effectively diagnose and manage more complex health conditions.

Pet Care

  • Christmas dog hiding under blanket
    We’d like to help make sure your pet stays happy and healthy this silly season so here’s a list we’ve compiled of the ‘Twelve Pet Hazards of Christmas’: Christmas can be a risky time for your pet. There is usually lots of food around as well as plenty of people, parties and changes in routine. …
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  • Vaccination is one of the most powerful tools we utilise to help keep your pet healthy. Vaccinations are safe. They have minimal (if any) side effects and we recommend you vaccinate your pet because, above all, they work. Quick Vaccination Facts: Vaccinations protect against potentially fatal diseases.Many dangerous or life-threatening animal diseases are preventable with the right …
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  • It’s Spring, the season of adorable baby animals, and that means kittens are going to be out in abundance! Already, we have been inundated with requests from kind members of the public to help with small kittens that have been found in sheds and under houses. If you find yourself with a surprise family in …
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