Vets in Cranbourne is a veterinary clinic based Cranbourne East. Our Clyde vet caters to the unique needs of your pet, whether you have a dog, cat or pocket pet. The staff at our clinic – including our vets, specialists, veterinary nurses and cattery personnel – are just as passionate about your pet’s health as you are.

When you book an appointment at our vet clinic in Clyde, we can work with you to create a solution for your pet. Some of our tailored solutions include at-home dental care and weight management plans, which can vary from pet to pet.

We are dedicated to supporting the health of pets in our local community with our general medical services, specialist advice and even behavioural classes for your pet. Our Clyde vet clinic also offers a number of community services and participates in a range of community-driven activities, such as:

  • Educational school visits in the Cranbourne area to teach pre-schoolers and kindergarteners about pet ownership
  • Information on local dog parks
  • A kitten adoption program that is jointly run with Maneki Neko Cat Rescue
  • Local fetes, fundraisers and fairs
  • Student work experience
  • Supporting local wildlife.


Clyde Animal Hospital

Vets in Cranbourne have the committed staff and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your pet is well cared for. Located close to the heart of Cranbourne, our Clyde animal hospital supports all local pets and pet owners in the Cranbourne and Casey areas.

We are dedicated to supporting the local pet community by providing reliable services at our animal hospital in Clyde. The skilled vets and nurses at our clinic cater to all kinds of appointments, from general checkups to surgery. We are also connected to highly specialised surgeons, radiologists, ultrasonographers and oncologists, who can provide specialised medical services for your pet.

At our Vets In Cranbourne, we understand that the process of coming to the vet isn’t always easy for your pet. That’s why booking an appointment at our animal hospital in Clyde is simple, stress-free and straightforward, just like it should be.

Pet Care

  • How many times have you heard someone say their New Year’s resolution is for weight loss? It’s a common goal for pet owners to set for themselves, but it seems many are unsure about how to help their furry friends get back to a healthy weight. In fact, did you know that around 40% of …
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  • In December, our Cranbourne vet sees a lot of patients with tummy upsets which can often be traced back to too many rich festive foods. Ideally, pets should not ever be fed processed foods as their stomachs have not evolved to digest them and so eating them often leads to diarrhoea and/or vomiting.   However, there …
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  • During summer, most of our pet patients visit our Cranbourne veterinary clinic because they have been overexposed to the harsh sun. In this blog, we are explaining the different health consequences that this exposure can have on your pet. We’ve also put together a quick 5-step grooming guide for owners to care for their pets …
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